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Re: found out something interesting/disturbing this morning

Finding something like that out would shake me too.

Dave Tate's video is good. Another thing to watch with an open mind is "Bigger, Stronger Faster" a very evenhanded documentary by an ex-steroid user who, earlier in his life, was disappointed to find out that all his heros from the 80's used steriods.

It's a great watch. Very interesting.

What did it teach me? That, even though I don't approve, it's not the end of the world to be taking steroids. I would never encourage anyone to start, but if your friend is being careful, is doing it for the 'less wrong' reasons, and plans to stop once his career in college ball is over, he'll physically be OK. Many people choose to do far more dangerous behaviors--such as smoking--without people batting much of an eye.
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