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Re: found out something interesting/disturbing this morning

Originally Posted by Aaron Dietrich View Post
my buddy who plays college ball was home for the weekend and we hit the gym this morning. i told him about crossfit and took him through todays wod with me. he got the main idea i think but he didnt seem to care. after the wod i asked him, what kind of lifts do his trainers have him do.

well, turns out he does all the power lifts religiously, and runs every so often. oh yeah, and he's taking steroids

he showed me where he injects them and all that... i told him that's not really being fit but he said he doesnt want to be fit. he just wants to throw the ball harder.. anyway, thought i should share

Who would have thought that there are people that do things other than crossfit? and *gasp* steroids.
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