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Re: Fish Oil Recomendation

Most likely, I will be flamed for this, but here it is...
Personally, I saw a difference in my skin (mostly texture). I used to have soft spots between the glute and hamstring area, stubborn grey fat mostly, and it improved after a good while on a high dosage of fish oil (in conjunction with proper diet). Also, I am mentally sharper. I am a student and am writing a thesis right now... I see a huge difference in my ability to focus and analyze.

My performance in the gym has improved a lot since taking a higher dosage of Fish Oils. Now, with that said, I am not saying that just because I take a high dosage of fish oils, my performance will SOAR in the gym. I think performance is attributed to a lot of factors...however, I do think that Fish Oils can help.

Also, I just feel better. I recover quickly from the gym, etc.

My husband has Crohn's Disease and swears by Fish Oils. Since taking high doses, he has not had an attack. In conjuction with eating for preventative measures against this disease and all else...I think the fish oils make a difference. Just

I buy into the whole omega-3 deal. I admit I drink the Kool aid.

Interesting article on Fish Oils ---> warning: Content written by Robb Wolf (for all those in disagreement with Robb Wolf out there)
http://*************/?p=466. (work and family safe)

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