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Damien Del Russo
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Re: CrossFit and/vs Yoga

Wow, good conversation. Thanks for all the feedback.

As I hinted in the title, I think the answer, for me at least, is yoga AND CF. Probably in about a 4-2 mix, perhaps 5-1. I won't ever be in the CF Games, but then I also experience a lot less pain ;-)

The perfect yoga studio, for me, would have a pull-up bar or rings. With that tool yoga classes could cover a lot of the gap with CF. But now we're talking fusion/fantasy.

As for getting ripped without weights, while they don't do yoga, check out the "Bartendaz" on youtube. They aren't using weights and they can do a lot more with a pull-up bar than the vast majority of athletes, and I include elite CFers in that statement.

Thanks again for the feedback and I hope some people consider working yoga in with their CF - particularly those who may have hip or back issues, or have hit a plateau. My experiences certainly indicate you won't get weaker and you very well might break through some walls.


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