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Re: CrossFit and/vs Yoga

Originally Posted by Tirzah Harper View Post
Okay, this made me ...anyone done pullups lately? Pushups? Muscleups? Situps? Air squats? Let alone gymnastics-type moves that involve leverage to a high degree? And they can't make you stronger?

I still disagree that yoga won't increase strength, but yes, improved quality of life is pretty nice.
Did you read my first post only, and not the the further clarifications?

In any case, this thread has degenerated somewhat, and I fear I have been a prime mover in this particular direction. I chose to neglect to ask myself my two 'screening' questions before hitting 'Submit Reply';
"Why am I actually answering this?", and
"Will this actually help?"

Apologies to Rachel, Katherine, and all posters.
I was simply being argumentative, not constructive, and offered little in the way of a positive addition to the discussion.
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