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Re: Jason's Workout Log


Spent most of the day moving boxes and stuff in and out of the house, so I felt pretty bagged before getting going:


Round 1 as RX'd w/30 lbs
Round 2 as RX'd w/30 lbs
Round 3 didn't make the kips w/30lbs
Round 4 5 kips w/30 lbs
Round 5 no kips w/30 lbs
Round 6 3 kips w/15 lbs
Round 7 no kips w/15 lbs
Round 8 no kips w/15 lbs
Round 9 no weight 12 reps
Round 10 no weight 10 reps

Total time 24'20" - I will be feeling this tomorrow, it is also not possible to really "kip" with my doorway pull up bar so most of the reps were strict.

Looked at tomorrow will be feeling those GHD's !
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