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Re: Blog Rebuild - Feedback Requested

Hi Damon,

Your site looks good!

Three minor suggestions:

1. To my eyes, the orange-colored font is a little hard to read on my laptop. I'd suggest sticking with the plain white font, or find a color that stands out more from the background.

2. I would also suggest increasing the font size. Most of the text is fine, but some of your text is quite small (for example, the paragraph that begins "Saturday was the ultimate embodiment of..."). If you make that font size the same as the other text, I think your page will be more readable.

3. I think your photos are great, but sometimes they are a bit on the dark side, so you might want to lighten them before posting. And, sometimes they come out a little blurry, which might be helped by investing in a tripod.

I REALLY like that you provide a small photo of the scoreboard, which you can click on to get the full-size photo!

I think your site looks great, and I'm just nitpicking so hopefully you will find at least one of my suggestions to be helpful!
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