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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Not everyone deserves a trophy all the time; you win some, you lose some. Defeats are just as important as wins.

Also, this is high school sports, not little kids. If you've ever been involved in high school sports, it is serious and competitive. High schoolers are past the age of being babied (I really don't think 'trophies and ribbons for everyone' is beneficial at any age, but that's a different argument). If you're a player, you know the game and the consequences.

Mercy rules are made to prevent this type of thing and I don't know why they didn't have one. To end the game when it's obvious who is clearly the better team, but not embarrass the losing side for an hour and a half when it's not necessary. Never did I have anything but respect for the small schools that we beat up on in soccer and called the game early from the score being run up. They never quit and our coach yelled at us for any time we weren't out there playing our best game. If you go out there and give poor effort and win, that's embarrassing for both sides. Otherwise it's just playing the game.