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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Ding…ding…ding…fighters to your corners, gentlemen,
None of us on here were at the game, so we cannot speak with total authority on the matter. If the coach of the winning team kept his 1st string players in the full game, merely for the benefit of running the score up, then he was wrong. If he was antagonizing the other team and encouraging his team to be disrespectful, then he was wrong. But, if he was rotating in his reserve players and the other team still could not score, that is not his fault. If he was encouraging good sportsmanship and fair play the entire time, then he did the right thing.
Telling his team to “take it easy” on another team is not what he is being paid to do. Doing so would have been more patronizing and insulting than a 100-0 score. He is not at fault that there is no mercy rule in girl’s high school basketball, nor should he be forced to apologize for the skill and hard work of his team.
Getting children involved in sports at a young age develops the obvious physical benefits, but there are also the (I would argue) more important social and emotional benefits. Children involved in sports learn to work on a team and socialize with their peers. Sure, they will fight and argue amongst themselves, but ultimately come together in pursuit of a common goal. Athletics also teaches children how to deal with defeat and disappointment. It teaches the harsh reality that sometimes your best just will not be good enough, but that does not give you an excuse to just stop trying. It sounds harsh and cynical to teach something like that to children, but the ones who learn it will not let every little setback overcome them and generally become more well-adjusted and successful individuals.
As long as the winning team played fairly and with dignity, they should be proud of their 100 point victory. As long as the losing team continued to compete to the best of their ability until the final buzzer sounded, then they should be proud of their accomplishments on the court. Calling the game early or having the winning team play below their potential does neither side any good and defeats the main purpose of having children involved in sports.