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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Robert D Taylor Jr View Post

John, no amount of football stories could build an ethos in my world, sorry. I'm glad you were impressed with Kevin's resume. Peace be upon you too.
First, I would like to point out how comical this all is; so many of us are getting fired up about a HS girls' basketball game that, all things considered, we actually have nothing invested in. Type-A anyone?

Robert, I accept I cannot build ethos with you. As a rhetorical tool, however, I think my minor attempt at building a touch of ethos was effective. Had I simply chimed in with an opinion, it would've left the door wide open for you or anyone else to challenge my background and experiences on which to base it. If I wasn't a lifelong athlete (let's not get into that one again...), and had simply played T-ball or such, my argument would be quite feeble. Because this is a discussion board, I see no point in fully developing an argument with complete use of the rhetorical triangle for a single post.

You haven't personally affronted me--just disagreed; and that's what a discussion is about; however, I agree with the others in that all of the personal attacks, from every direction, need to stop. Disagreements are Personal sniping is not.
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