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Re: 100-0 : Your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Ewen Roth View Post
with some 3-pointers thrown in (including in the fourth quarter). I would be surprised if the losing team got more than half a dozen shots (apparently all missed) in the entire game.
You still have to be able to hit the shots and make the plays on offense and defense. If an NBA player were playing against 5th graders (exaggeration for a reason...), he'd still have to be able to stand behind the 3 point line and hit the shot. Go to the gym and shoot 3s that are completely uncontested--you're the only one on the court--you still have to hit it (btw, don't take this as attacking you, because it kind of sounds like it...I'm using this line of yours to make a more general point).

Where're the complaints that Maryland scored only 13 points in the first half against Duke this weekend (with a second half that wasn't much better)? Should Duke have let up because the other team was so clearly outmatched and they weren't going to "learn anything" by steamrolling them?

No matter how badly you're winning you still have to execute, and you can learn from successful execution (no pun intended with "killing the other team").
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