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Re: No Grains/No Sugars Support Group!!

Hey everyone!! Happy New Year!!

I started following Paleo on October 26th, 2008 thanks to CrossFit Tribe's Paleo Potluck that totally got me hooked! I have had many cheat days.. Then I did Zone for 2 weeks and decided a vigorous restriction on my caloric intake wasn't helping me (5' tall / 115 lbs / work out at the least 3x/week / Pescetarian!). Ever since I stopped Zone (2 weeks ago) I feel like I've had a free-for-all eating spree! It's crazy. I want to stop! I love the way I feel without grains and sugars weighing me down.
Stopping processed food intake and grains I immediately lost like 5 lbs of weight and my body definitely has redefined (whatever fat I lost I've DEFINITELY gained in muscle -- WOO!).
Lately I've been skimping on the diet though. I love chocolate. Love it. I will never deny it to myself. However. Dark chocolate is so much better than milk. BUT -- milk is so available to me right now... so I just eat that. Or salted cashews which are more available than raw. NO NO. I want to be back to my raw foods, organics, simple ways! I'm not saying I was chowing down on a hoagie or a belgium waffle (no matter how tempting that is) but I was settling for whatever was convenient. (Raw sugar at Starbucks, Soymilk, milk chocolate, salted nuts, etc.)
So one of my many New Years Resolutions is to eat strictly Paleo to redefine the way eat and back to the way I was eating not even 3 weeks ago. I just feel better when I do that. Not going to say that I wont get a cheat day (Fridays for me!) or treat myself to my classic Chai with raw sugar and soy on occasion... but... you all know what I mean hah.

So today! I've started strong. (ALSO I REALLY WANT TO SLEEP A LOT MORE!!) with a brunch, I guess (hah I was babysitting till 4am!! AHH!) with 2 tspn EVOO, 2 eggs, a pear and a few frozen blackberries. My goal is to not measure my life away but to make sure my fat and protein intake in each meal is more than that of the carbs. Doing Zone for 2 weeks really helped me understand what I can and cannot do to my body.

Wow, I'm getting carried away! I LOVE THIS THREAD! Happy New Year, everyone

Make 2009 the best year EVER!
"Strength Anywhere is Strength Everywhere" - CFCC Mantra (wfs)
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