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Re: No Grains/No Sugars Support Group!!

12/31/08 10:00 p.m. 3 little kids watching a movie, 1 older daughter @ her freinds house & my wife finally getting some down time after family decided to go to bed early on New Years.

Amber, what are you working on? No Grains/No Sugars or Paleo? same "rules" as last month or full Paleo? Not important but just curious

I'm in more than ever. 1/1/09

It is like CRACK. need to really leave it behind me. 1 week of eating like this & I can see a difference in mirror. But my "crack" addiction keeps winning, until now.

the first week will be hard but next month when I do a "cheat"(birthday ect.) the hard part will be taking JUST 1 serving & quiting right there untill 3-4 weeks later when something else comes up.

anyway, if I go strong (not perfect but really good) for 6+ months I can maybe get away from this crazy eating I've been doing for a few years.

I felt awesome right before Turkey day (lean & energized)

hope to be back there in 2-3 wks.

Happy New Year!!
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