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I think my strength is normally better with lunch time or afternoon workouts.

I try to get two a.m. workouts a week and one to two lunch time workouts a week. The lunch workouts are normally when I train with the little guy who won the WSM. So it's really unfair for me to say that definitively.

In the past, when I was more regimented with the a.m. workouts, my strength fluctuated considerably. I would like to say I was good for two to three Ballzout sets a session. But that was dependent upon the movements. When I incorporated the OLY lifting, I had to be very mindful and focus on volume moreso than ME.

I would like to add, and I don't think I noted it earlier, but I take two scoops of whey and a big tablespoon of almond butter about 30 mintues before this A.M. session. Right before the session is when I drink the energy drink or pop a no doz. Then I take a handful of BCAAs with some really cold water. I also sip on the really cold water throughout the workout. Keeps me on my toes. I think.

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