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Mike Shaw
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Due to decreasing available time for family and impending ultimatums I am trying to start to get up earlier and get straight into a workout.

My question is after literally fasting for 6-8hrs overnight then doing a practical warmup then performing CF my body felt like it was going to go into shutdown. Hoping to condition my body so as to function at close to max whilst operating on min oxygen, never EVER had I felt this bad before (previous workouts were all done after work approx 7pm) I have a very basic understanding of how the body works and after the workout I knew my body needed something but I just couldnt supply them with a breakfast for fear of having Pukie come sit at the breakfast table.

This was the result of trying this for the first time and for safety sake I did this on a day off from work - thankfully I did because approx 2 hours later I was Dead Man walking and promptly fell back into bed for a sleep.

I really like the idea of the extra time afforded by doing these workouts and still want to continue but in my CF searches for relating post's minimal was found and for fear of shutdown I dont know if it's the right thing to do....

Many many sincere thanks for all input and I hope this might help someone in the future


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