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It's Official........finally

After a long and arduous process, CrossFit CHF, in little ol' Maryville, TN, is official. We are pumped to be on board with best around. We are currently in the process of adding some new equipment to our facility. Being that we were opened up originally as a general public fitness center/sports performance training center, we already had good bumbers, platforms, open floor space, turf area, etc. However, we are currently looking to add a pull-up rack station with ring hanging capabilities, and some ropes and rings over our sandpit. If anyone has some good plans/designs for a good rectangular rack for pull-ups/rings, I would love the help.

Another thing.......are there any other affiliates out there that are a fitness center offerring/operating CrossFit Classes/Training? And if so, what have you found to be the most successful approach with pricing, times, etc.

Any and all advice would be awesome! And again, Its great to be a part of this community
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