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All of our equipment for the gym arrived yesterday and today, so after work we started playing around with new bars, practising dropping the bumpers, playing on the C2, etc.

After about an hour of messing around, a guy who trains with us cranked out a 1:29.7 500m row! His second time rowing!! This guy is going to be low 1:20's in no time.

Not to be outdone, I rowed a 1:28.0 - PR by 0.7 seconds! Sorry Cory ... :biggrin:

And to be honest, it wasn't a good row for me. I haven't trained in 2 weeks, my eating has been poor, I was tired from playing with the barbells, and even my form felt off (catch was horrible) ... so I know I definitely have more in me. What a difference it makes to row on a half decent C2!!
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