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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Thursday morning and feeling good.... the wife really tired and i think she needs a break soon, some R&R. I slept well and apart from my knee i am feeling really good.

Plan for today - Collateral damage

Warm up
1km row
extensive shoulder warm up with bands

and warm up with the first part

Collateral damage
So with my first open attempt coming tomorrow morning the plan for today was to to just go through the motions. Today is more of a check to go through some basic movements and get the feel of them just in case they turn up tomorrow.

The most important thing today was full range of motion, quality of the movements... oh and one more thing - light weight.

light weight - 20 min
wife 10-20kgs, myself 45kgs

Power Clean
push press strict
Wall balls

There was no rep or set count, we went with the flow, rep and round it as we wanted.
I would say based on my numbers that we both roughly completed 30-35 squats, 25 Power Cleans, 15 push strict push presses, around 20 OHS and finally 30 wall balls.

This all felt good today and the weight was not an issue what so ever. We would vary the unbroken sets, go unbroken, tngo, different variants.

Strict pull ups both pronated and supinated
In total i think we completed around 30 of them. They all felt good, i helped the wife make a very small adjustment at the bottom to help her With her assisted PU.

Strict HSPU/wall walks
Wife completed 4-7 wall walks and she looked good. her goal is to get closer to the wall, today 3 inches closer. I completed strict HSPU 1,3,4,3,3 and they felt really good and did not take that long either.

Strict push ups with a short hold at bottom and full lock at the top
I would say 20 reps in total, no big problems here.

So all in all this felt good today and the movements were perfect. No blow outs or failure reps.

Cool down
20min stretch

Good luck to everyone who decides to take part in the open. This is my fifth year in the 45-49 masters and maybe my last, who knows. I am only doing this for myself and no-one else.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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