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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday morning and a little tired, wife slept really well but would have loved to be able to sleep an extra hour but thats a big no no .

Plan - partner

Warm up
1km row
Shoulder band work and pipe work

Set up everything and warm up With those movements.

25-30min i would say


300 cal Assault Bike for time

+ every time we alternate on the bike = Penalty

1 = 5 Pull ups/ring pulls
2 = 5 Burpees
3 = 5 KB swings (American) 24/16kgs 53/35lbs
4 = 5 T2B/T2 rings

Result = 27.33

So it worked like this: Every time we alternated we had a penalty of 5 reps of a movement. The movements were completed as U go I go in the order of 1,2,3 and 4. So the penalty is nothing special but enough to mess with you a little.

I started on bike, wife 5 ring pulls...
wife on bike, myself 5 pull ups...
myself on bike, wife 5 burpees
wife on bike, myself 5 burpees

and so on and so on. We just kept alternating like that until we were done with the 300 cals. When we were done we had completed 2 full rounds of penalties and 1 round of ring pulls/pull ups.

On the AAB we kept the speed even the whole time (good pacing), wife averaged 58 RPM and myself 68 RPM. First couple of rounds the wife completed 10 and myself 15 cals but we then increased to around 15 and 20 cals. No lactric acid build up, just below that.

Wife did T2 Rings and did reallt well.

Cool down
Clean up our crap
20min stretch

enjoyed this today
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.

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