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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Monday morning and it is that time again weekend was good, we both had time to rest and take it easy. Did a couple of long walks as the weather was great outside. Both a little after Friday's workout, more than we both expected.

Plan - Heavy under 2 time domains

Warm up
1km row
band and pipe work
more mobility

warm up with movements to come

30min i would say.


Time domain 1 = 5 x 3reps TnGo Deadlifts - 20min time cap
Start at whatever weight we wanted to but the weight must increase on every set after that.

Wife = 55, 65, 70, 75, 80kgs/176lbs (84% for 3)
Myself = 110, 120, 130, 140, 150kgs/330lbs (83% for 3)

Wife was solid and stong on these today. in June last year she did 75kgs for 5 but today she was also pressed for time and increase the weight. her goal os 100kgs/220lbs this year.

Myself, these felt great today and 150kgs was not a problem. June last year i did 135kgs max for 3 reps but today i felt strong. i have been peaking the past 4 weeks now.

Time domain 2 = 5 x 1 reps Snatch - 30min time cap
Start where you want and increase

Wife - 28, 28, 28, 28, 28kgs/62lbs (90% of 1RM)
Myself - 60, 68, 75kgs/165lbs (97% of 1 RM) 80kgs/FF + extra lifts FFF

Wife did well even if her shoulder was giving her problems. Her lifts were not as vertical as they should have been, she had a large ark in the second pull and that rotation, with the effort required to stop the bar going behind her head put pressure on her shoulder. I Think that she gets this problem when the bar is to light for her, she will muscle it up rather than trust her technique. I did not get involved in her lifts today, i left it to her.

Myself - a friend at the gym who is a great lifter asked me before we started the deadlift if we were going to snatch today... i said yes and his face just lit up , he wanted to lift With me today. the only difference was that he had more time to warm up and start at a good weight compared to me. He really push me and the time domain, i think we were done in 25min for both of us. He made 85kgs look easy, my best lifts were on the extra attempts 4&5, i had the bar above my head but did not have fully pocked arms. i was really pleased with those PR attempts today.

Cool down
15 min stretch after cleaning up
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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