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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

At last Friday morning ��. I am feeling great, I can still feel my left calf after the cramp yesterday but this will be taken care of after working out with a massage. Wife went to bed late and boy she was tired this morning, I didn’t feel sorry for her this time.

Plan – Long EMOM

Warm up
As we set everything up for the plan we proceeded to warm up with the movements and stretch a little.
Always shoulder warm up
Double checked the rep counts during the warm up

30min I would say before we were ready

36 EMOM (6x6min)
So this is not a full on 100% WOD this is designed to vary the load and rest over a longer time domain.
The intensity increases at first and then de-loads on the 4th movement only to increase again at the end.

Min 1-6 = 7/5 - calories Ski-erg
Min 7-12 = 10 - T2Rings/Ring High knees
Min 13-18 = 10 - Wallballs 9/6kg
Min 19-24 = 8/6 - Push ups
Min 25-30 = 10 - DB snatches 22/9kgs
Min 31-36 = 4 - Medball G2OS 40/22kg

This got the heart rate up today and I was happy for the push ups, the DB snatch got the heart rate up and the final medball sucked. A couple of times I wanted to take an extra break but the wife was ready to go even if she was also tired. Pulled through it together and we were both pleased when it was over.

Cool down
Clean up our crap after catching our breath for 5min or so.
Stretch for 20min after than and sweat a lot

A great end to another great week
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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