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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Vic... the way we are and trash talk each other you would never think we have been together for 28 years . This is what keeps us fresh and happy but also helps through tough times.... Life is never easy as you already know.

Wednesday morning..... so yesterday i was in pain all day from the BBJO and the twisting movement on the box, surprisingly I slept really well and did not wake up from any pain. Wife slept somewhat good but in a great mood this morning.

Plan – STRICT push and pull

Warm up
60 cal row
Extensive resistance band shoulder warm up
PVC pipe work
Strict push presses to get used to some weight.

20min or so

Strict Push

Wife – 3 x box holds x 20 seconds + 7 or so wall walks with 10 seconds hold at top
Myself - 20 strict HSPU for time = 5:19

Wife was pleased with her position today and found it easier than last time. I was pleased with my HSPU, no failures and i know i can push this.

Strict Pull
U go I go – 1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4, until failure

Wife – assisted pull ups = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9+5 = 50 reps
Myself – close grip V-bar pull ups, 2 second pause at bottom = 1,2,3,4,5,6,7+6 = 33reps

Wife was sharp today and blew me away, to tough for me today.

Strict Pull
U go I go – 10, 9, 8 … 1
DB row lying flat on bench

Wife – 10kgs/22lbs
Myself – 22kgs/49lbs

Great muscle contact today, felt good

Strict Push
U go I go – 10, 9, 8 … 1
DB bench press

Wife – 12kgs/26lbs
Myself – 22kgs/49lbs

The weight felt a little heavy at the start but then it felt light. Wife had no issues either

Strict Push
1 set unbroken - Push Ups

Myself – 36 reps
Wife did not try this today

I was pleased with that, last 6 reps were tough.

Cool down
all round stretch for 20min

enjoyed it today, great focus
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.

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