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Re: Crossfit Open 2016

Originally Posted by Diana Alt View Post
By definition, if you begin the clean from the hang, you haven't started it from the floor since the clean is a single fluid lift. It's not the same type of obvious competitive advantage as small plates on the burpees, but for many athletes the hang clean is more comfortable at high weight. I wouldn't risk this as a serious athlete.
Well, the range of motion is the same, presuming every rep starts from the floor. The workout gives 3 points/requirements where the standards must be met - 1) the rep starts with the bar on the floor 2) the athlete passes through a squat below parallel 3) the rep finishes with the athlete at full extension in a front rack with elbows in front of the bar. I do see where you are coming from in a more formal competition setting, but for the Open? They are often pretty accommodating on the standards to allow for all types of techniques to be acceptable (as evidenced to me this time around by specifically allowing a power clean + front squat). To me it's a little bit like the burpee.. starts with chest on the ground, take off with two feet, finishes on the other side of the bar. How you go down and get back up doesn't matter.

In any case, I tweeted the question at them. We'll see if they respond.

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