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Re: Mumford Procedure and recovery

Hey OP here. Just want to open this up again because 2 years now after my Mumford Procedure I have been experiencing pain in the same exact spot. Also my rhomboids have basically always been spasming ever since I have the surgery. Tried therapy with no success. I have to roll my rhomboids everyday to avoid tightness and pain through my subscapularis and ac joint. Even took the last 4 months off because I my specialist thinks that from my time with an olympic lifting coach, my plica in my right knee got thick and now catches underneath my knee cap. 4 months with no lifting, and the shoulder pain is worse. Yay! More surgery.

I'm getting an X-ray next week before I see my specialist. I'm seeing a different doctor than who did the mumford procedure and after I told him what I had done he said "That's the exact opposite of what I would have done". In other words the surgeon F'ed me over. He thinks I might have developed a bone spur because there is a sensitive bump on top of my clavicle. It also pops a lot now and when the joint isn't popping I can roll my shoulder and I can here all the tiny knots under my shoulder blade crunching around...

There is one point at the bottom of my subscapularis that when I roll it out, I can feel it focus all in my ac joint, and the pain and sensitivity go away for the day, but it always 100% of the time comes back.
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