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What do you think of my program and diet?

Im 6 foot, 92kgs, and looking to get stronger and leaner.

My maxes are-
Bench 115kg
Squat 130kg
Press 75kg
Deadlift 180kg

My current program ive done for the last week and am going to do for the next 8 weeks, i like 5x5 training the most and am hoping it builds my strength.

5x5 bench
5minute core finisher

5x5 Squat
2 assistance excercises

Cardio day which wil be swimming just a nice easy 2km swim at my own time

5x5 Press
5 minute core finisher

5x5 Deadlift
2 assistance exercises

Rest or mobility work and stretching


i will mix it up and do the WODs on the squat and deadlift the next week and the WODs i will choose from CFFB or the crossfit site.

My diet-

Breaky- 4 fried eggs on 2 slices of ham on wholemeal bread
Snack- handful of almonds and a kiwi fruit
Lunch- salad, either a pumpkin and pinenut salad or a salad with meat like turkey or beef.
Snack- Tuna wrap with advocado tomato etc i mix it up cucumber carrots etc
Postworkout- Optimum Nutrition 100% whey with whole milk ( i usually finish my workout by 6pm)
Dinner- meat and and big serving of vegies and some sweet potato

I also take bronx wildbull creatine monohydrate before i workout

Let me know what you think, i know my workout and diet isnt perfect but its a start and i can work on it. I also train from home with over $2000 worth of equipment. Thanks
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