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Re: Mumford Procedure and recovery

Originally Posted by Jason Skolnick View Post
Hi Dr. Rockett,

I hope all is well and your training hard for the regionals. It kills me to not be able to compete this year.

With that being said I was hoping you can provide me some insight. I'm back training, over head presses are not a problem and with what I assume is normal pain for 3 months post op. Pull ups, deadlifts, cleans...not a problem.

My concern and major problem is that I can't do more than 3 pushups or burpees and barely do a bench press movement with just the bar. Prior to surgery my bench press was around 315 and incline presses at 275. When I do a bench press movement I get this fleshy popping, kinda front delt shifting muscle pain...very bad. It occurs in the area where the surgeon did the incision.

Is it possible that the debraidment of the labrum where he cleaned up fraying is the source?

Is this normal? I know from research that the bench press movement is the last to recover.

I'm 3 months post op on the 7th and very concerned.

Thank you,

Jason at this point I would need to examine you to give you any kind of intelligent diagnosis, Sean
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