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Re: Hypertrophy with CFFB

Hey Richard, can you elaborate on "things to consider"? I liked your defintion of "bodybuilding", but you're right - I want to "build" my body with more mass, but am not looking to become a bodybuilder, "oiled up and prancing around".

Steven Webster, I'd like to put on some size for some job specific reasons - more size will make strength increases come much quicker (and strength goes a long way in my job), and frankly I wouldn't mind walking into some of these structural fire interviews weighing 10-15 pounds more than I do now.

As far as eating more goes, I am eating more; beginning with 1/2GOMAD, which seems to already be having a positive effect (I felt really strong today), although it's too early to tell. I'll stick with it for a bit and see how the scale responds; I am not really interested (yet) in taking down a whole gallon a day. On the same token, I am not really concerned about losing the six pack. It will come back.

I'm sticking with CFFB for now, pushing myself hard, documenting everything and drinking that whole milk. I'll see how this week goes. If the scale moves, I'll stick with it. If not, more calories. I'll try to remember to report back with observations and numbers.
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