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Hypertrophy with CFFB

I'll ask this on the CFFB site as well... I apologize if this has been discussed before, but I haven't found any answers specific to my questions.

I am your typical 'hard gainer', but I now realize that this has been a result of never committing to taking in enough calories.

Quick background:

1) Bodybuilding without a clue for years.
2) Started crossfitting maybe 2 years ago. Commitment has never been an issue, but I fight forest fires every summer which doesn't allow any time for working out for about a 3 month period.
3) Recently I have been following the CFFB site, as I enjoy the increased emphasis on strength gains.

Age: 29
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180lbs, about 6-7% bodyfat.

Question: Along with increasing my calories (I am starting with 1/2 GOMAD, and I'll work up from there, otherwise I eat close to paleo), would increasing the reps involved with the CFFB strength workout be a bit more effective for hypertrophy? I was thinking for days where sets of 1 are prescribed, I would raise this to 5 (and probably reduce the number of sets), and where sets of 5 are prescribed, I would increase this to 10, and change everything in between accordingly.

I was also thinking of adding in a *small* amount of additional lifts (read: isolation. yes, isolation.) after the WODs in order to increase volume.

Thoughts? Suggestions? I would like to get up to 190lbs with the same BF% this winter. I know that my ideas are probably springing from the bodybuilding past in me... but is that such a bad thing?
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