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Matt Emery
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Fused Hip (arthrodesis)

Hi, i'm interested in discussing/learning from other x-fitters; in regard to how they work around fused joints.

I have a fused right hip, there's actually a metal rod that is embedded into my pelvis and continues down through the femur, stopping just before the knee joint.

Obviously, mobility in that hip joint is zero. I won't go into the details about spinal compensation or muscles atrophy, as that is probably outside the scope of this conversation.. lest to say, i'm open to hearing other people's experiences with such.

I cannot physically do most of the WODs due to the immobility of my right hip. However, I strive to adhere to the spirit of the WODs by improvising where necessary, and certainly; giving it everything i've got.

I'm happy to share all these improvisations (I have some videos and pics), and i'd love to hear about other people's experiences.

So, if you're working around a fused joint, or have similar mobility limitations... yell out

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