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Re: What are the 9 Foundational Movements?

Originally Posted by Robert D Taylor Jr View Post
The SDHP is not a shoulder exercise, it IS NOT an upright row. The end position is the same but hip extension drives the weight up in SDLHP.
This is what I was thinking. When you do the SDHP you end up in the same position as the upright row, but you can FEEL that the effort is coming from the hips and shrug, not the delts.

I am keenly aware of this issue right now because my weightlifting coach has been having me do the Burgener warm-ups over and over and over and over. (I lack coordination and neuromuscular facillitation, ie I'm clumsy) I have found that when the weight is light and I am getting fatigued, I will sometimes upright row instead of high pull to compensate and avoid whacking myself in the chin. But, as the bar gets heavier and my shoulders are fatigued, that bar is ONLY coming up from the power of the triple extension and shrug, there's no shoulder action at all. The end position is the same, it looks the same, but it is definitely not the same.

A similar comparison would be the basic kettlebell swing. With a light weight, someone could engage their back and shoulder muscles to produce the same movement with a hip dip mainly for show. However, this movement when done correctly, is primarily powered by the hip extension. If you use heavy weight and primarily use your upper back and shoulder muscles to bring the weight up, you'll hurt yourself, a lot.
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