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Re: Jason's Workout Log

I had likely the best day I possibly could have hoped for. Hit a PR snatch/OHS complex at 180# to open the day and just missed 195#. I actually won event 2 which was a skills gauntlet of L sit, weighted pistol, and max DUs. I was fifth on event 3A and had a decent run on 3B.

After one day I am seventh. Tyson not being here is a bit of a deal but there are about 4 Regionals caliber guys here competing this weekend. Two guys who made it last year, one guy who would have and one guy who missed the cut barely. I finished very close to those guys on the most Crossfit event so far. Big progress for me. Had I hit that 195# snatch I may have had a chance at the last event. As it stands I will likely finish up tomorrow with a thruster ladder and one girl benchmark mash up. I miss your mug at these things !

I think I had the most fun of anyone there today as well so bonus for that.

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