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Re: Steve's "I'm not aging quietly" log

110510 Tuesday

Medical issues finally seem to be behind me and I feel a lot better. Starting out again; this time after no work out program whatsoever - - I've just been concentrating on really resting up. Now it's time to slowly and carefully get serious!

800m Run/walk
DROM/Pass Throughs
15 Hip Extensions
15 GHD Sit-ups (subbed Ab Mat)
20 Double Unders
20 Dips (10 supported, 10 chair dips)
30 squats
Samson Stretch

5 X 40% max Back Squat (95#)
5 X 50% max BS (115#)
AMRAP 60% max (125#)
Used body weight of 200# as max for starting out since I'm so deconditioned.

WOD: For Time:
250m Row
50 Burpees (25)
100 Flutter Kicks (50)
50 Lunges (25)
100 Ab Mat sit-ups (50)
250m Row
Time: 12:00
Steve 5'10"/197/60 yrs. My Log Perseverance through adversity
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