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people are very defensive of their particular methodology. if people find my propositions or statements offensive, that was never my intent. New information or a different view should not be cause of defensive posturing. jeepers, if disagreement is to be banned, maybe you should run a dictatorship. ( royal YOU, not anyone in particular )

for the record, i have not stated that H_I_T is the best. nor have i said that all others are inferior. i pointed out that the original concept was arthur jones' who sold the concept of short bursts of intense effort infrequently applied to Boyer Coe, mike Mentzer, Viator and a number of other bodybuilders. some later disagreed with the concept, later repudiating the work that was done.
when Jones sold Nautilus, he created another company that is working on back rehabilitation.

please point out where i explicitly state that HIT is best, and the rest is terrible. i compared two contrasting methodologies. that was all.

What i did say was that many people make the mistake of applying only one of the principles behind the training style. or conversely, apply all of the principles to an overwhelming degree- train this way all the time each and every workout. this cannot be done. YOu cannot work out hard, on every exercise, for long periods of time,for every workout for every cycle. the key is to work out smarter not longer, harder for days and days on end.

The statement that steroids is needed for this style of workout more so than the typical arnold routine was untrue and unnecessary even. the short brief routines tend to maximize recovery- you aren't spending hours in the gym. so steroid use is eliminated or reduced ( some people will always look for the edge )

i would not recommend HIT training as it is beyond what most people are capable of doing on their own, without coaching or monitoring. Athletes tend to be extreme individuals and quite often cannot figure out when or how to stop until it is forced upon them.

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