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Re: Demo of mainsite WOD March 11, 2015?

Did it this morning, I have to admit, not a real fun workout. I don't mean that sarcastically, like it was brutal, it just wasn't all that interesting, and maybe that's just given my abilities.

I got up to a 165# snatch - my 1RM is 175#, my snatch just isn't real good technique-wise, so I was kinda happy with it. Note, the way I took the wod was, you had the whole minute to get a given weight. I failed 145# at first, b/c I was stuck between, do I try to power it, or start dropping all the way under? But, I got it well inside the minute, which made 155# tough, but I got it first try, albeit a little shaky. I actually nailed 165# first try, pretty solid (for me), so I was hopeful to get 175#, but at this point, the EMOM was catching up to me, so I managed only a quick "f**k it" pull on 175#, and quickly changed up and cleaned it.

First few cleans were easy, just powered them, but got hard quick (my 1RM is 240#). I struggled on 235# a little but got it, and then had nothing left to make my 245# run even, deadlifted that, which was stupid easy, as my 1RM there is strong, 445#, which also means, the next ten reps or so were pretty boring. I tried to focus on really solid technique at the lighter weights, and put on my belt around 355# or so? As I creeped toward 400#, I could feel the fatigue setting in, but it was never a heart rate thing, just felt my core tiring.

I got 425# with what felt like a struggle, and about felt myself at the bottom of my tank. I was about to just call it, but my coach goes, "it didn't LOOK hard?" and another guy goes, "c'mon....gotta try 435#...." So I strapped back in, resting a little bit into that minute before trying, but just couldn't get it off the ground without feeling like I was going to round and/or get into my toes. I was done. Now, a few hours later, my lower back is feeling it, very glad I didn't push harder.

All in all, interesting, and maybe I'd do it again in the future, I think it's a good test of technique as you progress the weights, and move from snatch to clean, but I don't think I'd necessarily look forward to it, LOL.
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