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Re: Reshaping the CrossFit Games from 2019 *****

Originally Posted by Vic McQuaide View Post
Open Dates 2019
Starts Thursday Feb 21st and ends Monday March 25th. 5 weeks of fun
I guess that this will be the toughest Open yet!

All of the previous opens were tests for regionals and the online qualifier but this time itís a ticket to the games on the line, so I donít see 1 workout a week, I see part 1 & 2 or 2 separate wods for the duration. Basically adding the regional wods to the open.

Castro is not going to plan something that simple, this time he has his reputation on the line to make sure only the best make it, so he has to bring it to the table and set the new standard.

This will split up all of the groups and finally we will the chance to really match ourselves with the best.

I expect more difficulty, more weight and more pain
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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