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Lauren Glassman
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The CrossFit community and message board have grown tremendously in the past year and that growth has spawned some of the best discussion on fitness and nutrition anywhere on the Net.

Our community here has reached the point in size and complexity where help is needed to control and manage this board so that it can continue to support discourse that is honest, civil, and useful.

The board's value derives from the contributions of the community, so Lauren and I have decided that the community should guide this board, not us. With that in mind we have chosen twelve people from among your numbers to manage the message board in everyone’s trust.

There is little that could portend better for the CrossFit family than to have the judgment of these fine CrossFitters guiding and representing all of us:

Lynne Pitts
Brian Mulvaney
Mark Twight
Kelly Moore
John McCracken
Dave Werner
Dan John
Nick Nibbler
Ryan Atkins
Mike Minium
Robb Wolf
Dave Wood

Thank You,

Greg and Lauren Glassman