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Brendan Melville
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I just got back from a week at home with nothing but my rings, a 16kg dumbell, and a sandball. For the majority of the WODs, I was doing the prescribed workout, except that any lifting or pulling exercise done with bars was impossible, so I subbed high rep snatches with the DB (doing as close to KB style as possible with a DB). After 8 days of snatches (and often swings) pretty much every day, I realize that my core has amazingly kicked into gear. The hip twing in my right hip has all but disappeared, my posterior chain feels like a million bucks, and my abdominal muscles feel much stronger, and even look much stronger (and more hypertrophied). Is this even possible or am I imagining things? Guess this is more directed at the RKCs out there.

If it is, time to order more KBs.
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