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Re: Cardio is weak -- add it to warmup?

First place you should look is towards your Rest and Diet. If those are not heading in the right direction, you may not see much progress.

After that, I really don't think you need to supplement with anything, provided that you're hitting the WODs hard (both metcon and lifting). Adding a small warmup row/run really won't do that much in the scope of things... at least in comparison to doing the WODs.

For just a warmup though, rowing is terrific. There are an endless number of customizations and substitutions you can make to CrossFit to fit your needs. If you don't think you're getting enough metcon, then sub out some of the lifting days for intervals, or maybe the rare distance run.

Cater the program to fit your needs, but adding a 1 mile warmup run probably won't do much for you (other than warm you up) if the WODs themselves aren't enough. In that case, like I said, you may wish to start by looking towards the other contributing factors such as diet and rest.
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