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Re: Cardio is weak -- add it to warmup?

Cardio, dirty word on this site Think Metabolic Conditioning, or MetCon. Rower is great for this. 250 meters under 1 minute and 500 meters under 2 minutes is a good starting goal. 250 meters in 45 seconds and 500 meters in 1:30 is smoking for a fit individual. Look at some of the videos on rowing before you do too much, easy to get a sore back if done wrong. Try a 4x500m row with 1 minute rest between each 500. Throw in 1k or 2k row for a warmup from time to time. If you don't have access to a rower or prefer to run you can try interval sprints. Track is better than a treadmill and much safer for sprinting it out. Lots of different combinations you can try for intervals.
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