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Tom Corrigan
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Amazing "Time Force" curve analysis of KB Snatch

I actually took this clip at the KB Worlds in Miami in Nov, 2007. Vasily Ginko is warming up with a 32kg KB backstage.

A Finnish scientist (?)/ KB enthusiast has done an analysis of his Snatch, plotting the different force as the KB goes up and down and as it rotates around the wrist/forearm.

Work and Family safe clip below

Here is the paper which explains it.... in Finnish, so it's not much help, but I'd need help even if it was in English!

WFSafe download of paper on force curve of KB Snatch clip


My "take home" on this is just getting confirmation of what I experience when I snatch a KB as opposed to a DB. The forces on my grip, shoulder, arm are quite different, and the stabilization needed to control the "torque" involved in these forces is what I experience.

Interesting stuff.
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