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Re: Taubea Funded Study Actually Disproves Carb-Insulin Hypothesis

To throw in my personal experience I started logging food just over two weeks ago. I've never worked on my diet before, but I figured it was time to try.

I use myfitnesspal to log everything. My first observation of my own diet was way too much fat, and not enough protein and carbs. My first day of logging was 46/32/22 percentages for fat/carb/protein. I immediately changed a few things and now everyday is basically 37/38/25. So I'm not high carb or high fat. Just eat real food, but I do try to keep balance. I've been keeping my daily limit to 3450 a day with most days going up to 100 cals over.

In two weeks, with the use of the classic picture taking progress measurement FDA approved method my waist has slimmed down while overall I have gained a few pounds according to the scale. And I am by no means fat to begin with. My stomach went from protruding maybe an inch past my chest to flat in line with my chest and my ab lines are showing a bit stronger now.

During this time I had pizza, gelato, pasta and a good amount of bread. I just worked them in to my daily goals.

I dunno... it's not complicated. And my measuring science isn't perfect either. We don't even have a scale to weigh on, everything is done with measuring cups so I know it's not exact. The claim in that article that even a difference of 100cal can lead to obesity is outlandish. Everyone knows measuring isn't exact, and calculators are not great for everyone. That's why you start at a base level and reassess every couple of weeks. Myfitnesspal seems to assess me too low. Someone else probably too high. Who cares, just use your brain.
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