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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

First session 5-6:30PM
Warm up, hip circle, stretching for 20 min. Bands, pvc..

1 hang power snatch
1 power snatch-
Every :90
95-165# felt good but heavy.

Warm up c2b and ohs-
For time-
OHS 135#-should have done these un broken. Takes a while to pick back up the bar.
C2b these have not been tested in a while. Mostly 8 at a time or 15 at a time. Must work on getting chipper style 30-5 of them in a round.
8:26 took forever

Stretch for a while afterwards.

Tuesday 2nd session- 7-9PM
Warm up stretching shoulders and resting for a bit- Went to another gym.

Warm up - 70 bar facing burpees

Build up from the floor clean and 3 push presses- 95-205 shoulders were tired.

Sled pushes- 70' each- 200-350# was hard.

50 dubs 5 rope climbs to 15'
rest 1 min
40 dubs 4 rope climbs
rest 1 min
30 dubs 3 rope climbs
rest 1 min
20 dubs 2 rope climbs
rest 1 min
10 dubs 1 rope climbs
9:09- just over 5 min work 150 dubs and 15 rope climbs-

Need more of this stuff in my workout diet.

Was a cool session doing things that I don't usually do which I should do.

A lot of volume need to ramp up the intensity also.
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