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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Tuesday met a buddy over at his Zombie training center. Way cool place with all types of zombie stuff.

Warm up- hip circle, stretch, ghd 20 reps, hs walk unbroken 100', more stretching and flossing. OHS - 3 reps each arm- 8-30#

Long run Helen- maybe 75 meters extra.
Just warming up Scott- 8:20ish.

Working on form- clean and 3 split jerks- 10 sets 45-215# clean is making a come back. Form was good. Focused on the push up with the legs, push down with the arms and getting the rear foot in good position. All of the mobility stuff is helping overall.

Went to din din with my lady. Big steak dinner! Fat Kid over here.
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