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Well, I thought today's Fight Gone Bad would be tough, and I wasn't far wrong. My gym doesn't have a rower, and I couldn't see subbing Sumo Deadlift High Pulls, since they were already part of the workout. So, since I'm focusing on consistency rather than intensity anyway I decided to drop the rowing.

Tomorrow is Front Squats. Gotta love 'em.
The gym has a 15-lb med ball, but the owner didn't like me throwing it at his wall, so I didn't get all 8 rounds in on that. I'll have to sub dumbell thrusters next time.

Box jumps were also modified. I couldn't make a 20-inch vertical leap, so I made it 12 inch and set the target over my head in a power rack rather than using a box.

Final numbers
Wall Ball: 8
Jump: 3
Push Press: 5

The one thing I like about this workout is it shows where you're weakest. That jump score tells the story - getting my 290 lbs a foot off the ground just wore me out.

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