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Re: 10 WODs in one day - What to eat??

All of my information is based on what I recalled from reading Mark Twight's Extreme Alpinism nutrition section (which could be dated at this point) although I recall thinking that the Paleo for Athletes book said something pretty similar. I just had a quick look at EA again through google books and I got some of it wrong in my previous post which has been pointed out. The approach is biased toward more a more endurance type day than the glycogen depleting effects of a crossfit workout but there can be elements of that in a big day of climbing if there are some particularly difficult pitches. Twight warns against depleting the glycogen early in the day since it is difficult to replenish while exercising.

His recommendation for performance nutrition is 2 GUs every hour supplemented with a litre of sports drink. The GUs have leucine and valine to aid in muscle repair and many of them have caffeine which aids in converting fat to energy. The sports drink should be maltodextrin and salts mixed to provide 100-200 cal per litre. The GUs and sports drink will give about 400 cal/hr which will provide the maximum energy the body can absorb in an hour and maximize gastric emptying.

He says eating any kind of fat or protein will slow you down and make you weaker so I would avoid the olive oil. You'll need to eat something during the day but try to get it early on in a big break.

If I was doing it I would carb load like crazy for the 2 days prior. I tend to not eat a big breakfast unless I have 2 or 3 hours before the activity but I'd probably have a coffee. I'd try to stick to the plan of a gel every 1/2hr with water and sports drink every 15 minutes to get the 400 cal/hr and 1L/hr of water. I'd bring something to eat that I know I can do a WOD within a 1/2 hr of eating. I'd through some raisins in there since they lower body PH and have lots of antioxidants. I'd eat something slightly more substantial in the big break but try not to put the body into sleepy mode. I tend to eat Cliff bars (there are probably better options) instead of gels when I start to get hungry to satiate the stomach a bit without overloading it. I would continue drinking as much water as possible and have a big meal or two at the end of the day to try and recover as best as possible.

Make sure you pay attention to your body. I start peeing frequently if the salts get out of whack in my body and if I'm having trouble focusing I'm usually dehydrated. If you're feeling funny try to interpret the signs and figure out if there's something you can eat to help. A lot of it is trial and error so it's hard to get right the first time. My approach may not work for everyone.

I like Carb Boom but GUs work fine for me as well. I haven't special ordered in the ones that the ultramarathoners like. I look for ones based on maltodextrin since that's what Twight recommends. I think there is more energy per molecule than glucose or fructose.
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