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Re: Cfcc Bccc 2010

Kick off

So I have this all in one place:

Height: 67"
Weight: 148 lbs
Waist: 28 1/4"
Arm FL: 11"
Arm RL: 10"

Estimated BF: 23%
Estimated LBM: 114 lbs

Desired Intake
PRO: 114g
CHO: 160-185g
FAT: 95g

PRE workout: 50g CHO, 20g PRO
POST workout: 10g PRO

I will be focusing on muscle gain as opposed to fat loss, although I do expect to lose some fat as well. I am doing this for a couple of reasons. 1) I am significantly more concerned with gaining muscle and getting stronger than losing fat. 2) I am naturally a pretty lean person. 3) I work and work out a lot. My days are long and active. I did not come to this decision alone, but with the advice of Erin and Greg given the above facts

In addition to focusing on my caloric intake, and my PRE/PERI/POST nutrition, I will be cleaning up my diet. In particular I will be avoiding dairy, grains, sugar, alcohol. This should help me lean, but more importantly I am hoping with improve my performance. When I eat well (and avoid these things) my body is more on point and my asthma becomes irrelevant.

The competition officially starts August 9th. Because measuring food is new to me, I will be posting my meals for the next week in order to work out any tweaks before the games begin.
"Strength is more than just the number of plates on the bar. It is everything that is overcome with each lift." - Coach Liz; My CFCC WOD
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