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Re: Programming for the 2011 Games

Unless something has drastically changed spending $25/year on the journal I wouldn't call a "crap load" but a healthy investment if you want to be a Games Competitor, as you need to be abware of the directions CF moves in so you can have some insight into where things are headed for the actual Games events...e.g. Notice all the swimming lectures that just so happened to be posted right after the 2010 Games ended? Just sayin'

To the OP,

I believe we chatted before and that you are an ex-gymnast...With that background and your current strength levels you should do well. I second the notion to look into OPT type of programming...You don't have to follow it letter for letter but study his cycling techniques (2 or so years of data, though he has morphed it from the CFJ Programming template) think about the energy pathways stressed with constantly varied modalities...he also throws some mentally tough WODs in there like the 100 2pd KB swings for time. That just blows to keep that KB moving for most of us. And the use of unbroken or penalty reps for putting the bar down mid-set are Extremely helpful tools even if you don't want to follow his style of programming.
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