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Re: Programming for the 2011 Games

Don't forget about your diet, as that is key in order to feel good and continue to progress like you wish to. What is your diet looking like?

And I am working hard to see if I can get into the games too. My plans look similar to yours, except with a bit more strength emphasis (you're a lot bigger than I). Since May, I have done Crossfit Strength Bias (my own version because I don't want to spend a crap load on CF Journal) and have seen my weights move up drastically. I still do cardio in my Metcons at least twice a week. Around the end of August, I'm going to up my caloric intake by a lot (Paleo and Dairy, whole milk) and gain weight and strength by doing a strength biased CF model like I had been in the summer, with a lot more emphasis on my lifts. December on (the regional was in late March this year for me), I will focus on cutting the fat that I had gained, maintaining my lifts, getting my body weight abilities back to where they are now, and condition for endurance cardio.

By the way, the videos you post on youtube are great. You definitely could compete next year.
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