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Re: Vegan Paleo

Originally Posted by Jeffrey White View Post
Not my facts:

73% of Hunter-Gatherers obtained <50% of their energy from animal products.
Only 14% of HG obtained <50% of their energy from plant derived food.

I'm not talking about hunter gatherers. I'm talking about modern cultures with the highest life expectancies.

"The Satsamu sweet potato provides the largest part of the energy intake" (from w/f/s)

Hey, that's not a grain!
No, but it is a carbohydrate. A diet that gets 80% of its calories from carbohydrates is not what most people here would call "protein-rich."

There's a detailed calorie breakdown at (WFS, PDF)

Macronutrient ratios: 9% protein, 85% carbs, 6% fat
Grains account for 19% of total calories, sweet potatoes for 69%
(Note that this link draws on earlier data than the one you posted. The global decline of traditional food cultures is a whole other topic.)

Also, Chinese people eat very low carb and very high fat if they can afford it. A dinner out with Chinese people typically has no rice or other carbs. The most common dish is stewed pork fat over greens (said to be chairman maos favorite dish). Fish is served sitting in the bottom of a large bowl of oil, you have to reach in with your chopsticks. When you eat at a stewed catfish restaurant, they come around with a bowl of tallow and spoon a blob into your food.
And as more and more Chinese people have gotten rich enough to afford to eat like that, Chinese people have begun to suffer from the same "diseases of affluence" that Americans do. Hardly a ringing endorsement.

FWIW, the Chinese people I've personally shared meals with ate plenty of rice.


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