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Re: Programming for the 2011 Games

Originally Posted by Adam Acosta View Post
Speed endurance and the economy of movement you learn from regularly practicing in that range can make all the difference. Basically, you can do a 2:09 Fran right now, but can you do a 3:00 Fran without breaking a sweat? You certainly have the capacity to, but you need to be able to actually do it. Pacing is very important in some of the events they throw at you.
Apropos of this, we had a "Speed Fran" workout the other day. Three times through, the first with PVC, the second with 11#, the third with 22#. Rest as needed in between. Men's target time is 3 minutes each, though you might want to set a tougher one and/or use heavier weights. 1 burpee penalty per second you go over. (Do the burpees at the end.)

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